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Whether you are buying, building, remodeling, or refinancing, Iowa State Savings Bank's Home Loan Office can assist you with competitive interest rates and the right loan. 
See Diane Wilson (MLO# 792707) or Pennie Sommar (MLO#784596)   for all your home loan needs!  
Email Diane Wilson          Email Pennie Sommar 
Rapid Real Estate Loan Application  (Pre-qualifying for purchases only) 
Standard Real Estate Loan Application  (Please see printing tip below) 
When printing the standard real estate loan application (a legal size document) to 8.5x11 on your printer, be sure to select the correct settings to fit that printable area size (8.5x11). 
A mortgage where the interest rate is locked for the entire term of the loan.  Several long-term fixed rate mortgage options are available.  These loans are sold after closing them.  
We have short, mid and long-term s balloon mortgage options to choose from.  These loans are kept at Iowa State Savings Bank and not sold.  When the rate matures, you can refinance the unpaid balance with no additional closing costs.   
A line of credit that you draw from to pay for the costs of building a new home as required.  Interest accrues on only the money you have drawn. These loans feature unlimited draws within your credit line.  
A loan provided for making upgrades to a home such as new windows, a new roof, a new addition, etc.  Typically financed through a homeowners equity in their home with various terms to select from.  Home equity loans offer tax deductible interest, consult your tax adviser for details.  
A loan that uses the accumulated equity in your home as security or collateral for the amount borrowed (the difference between what is owed on a mortgage and the current market value of the home).  A popular loan option for financing a wide range of needs one may have including home improvements, paying off other debts, even a vacation!  These loans are typically set up as a line of credit with various terms to select from.  Home equity loans offer tax deductible interest, consult your tax adviser for details.  
Before you start looking for a new home, you can find out what price range of home you can qualify for.  Makes shopping for your new home much easier!  Certain restrictions apply. 
New loan applications require a checking account with the Iowa State Savings Bank and must reside within Marion County or contiguous counties.  All loans are subject to credit approval upon application.  Iowa State Savings Bank is committed to take an active role in meeting the credit needs of the communities we serve. 
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